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Lexicon of Parrots overview

CD version 2.0  "LEXICON OF PARROTS"

The complete LEXICON OF PARROTS on CD includes:

  • all information, provided in the book version

  • all pictures of all species and parrot species in high quality (much better than in the Internet version)

  • superb new photography including many typical habitat and other new pictures, 124 video movies and many sounds not shown on the website

  • distribution maps of all species

  • pictures of all new species

  • full search function

  • and much more

  • Order the CD version 2.0  LEXICON OF PARROTS

    for just EUR 100.- 
    (appr. US $ 125.- / normal price US $ 150.-)

    Update price for registered buyers 
    of version 1.0: EUR 25.-
    Please send an email! 


    To order the CD version 2.0 of the Lexicon of PARROTS press here:


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