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Lexicon of Parrots overview


Thomas Arndt

The LEXICON OF PARROTS is a comprehensive work for identification:

Every species and sub-species of parrot is illustrated.

It is a unique concise reference work with all the relevant data on parrots, parakeets as well as lories and is essential reading for both ornithologist and aviculturist.


superb photography including many exciting shots in the wild

and typical habitat not shown on the website. It is the first work on parrots, parakeets and lories to include illustrations and information on all the 840 representatives of this large family.

Hardcopy of the Lexicon is available on high-quality paper with full colour photographs - many A4 size.

It has already been distributed to aviculturists, veterinarians, conservationists and scientific institutions all over the world.

It consists of some 780 loose leaf pages for insertion in four luxury folders and special display outers. The page size is A4, i.e 31.5 x 24.5 cm or x 9.5 ins. There are more than 1,300 colour photographs, 343 distribution maps and complete indices in Latin, English and German.

The complete LEXICON OF PARROTS with folders and display outers is available for just EUR 250.- (appr. US$ 300.-)  and handling. To order the LEXICON OF PARROTS press the button

Please note that we just offer a special price of
only EUR 150.-
(appr. US$ 180.-) plus shipping and handling.

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